Gift Cards "Reward" Loyal Customers

A national office products retailer partnered with SVM for a promotion designed to drive traffic into their locations and increase sales of a specific national brand line of products within their stores.

The Promotion

For a limited time, customers who purchased a qualifying product and enrolled in the retail chain's loyalty program, received a complimentary $30 Gasoline Gift Card by mail.

SVM Coordinated the Marketing Approval and Supplied the Gift Cards

SVM coordinated the advertising approval process with the oil company for all aspects of the gift card marketing and provided the branded gasoline gift cards for the program.

The Result

The program was extremely successful as the client saw a strong consumer response to the promotion. During the promotion period, the national brand product line had the best sales week of the year for the retailer, sales increased over 75% from the previous year and more than doubled that week's sales compared to their average weekly sales YTD. In addition the enrollments in the loyalty program during the promotion period increased by more than 25%.


Gift Cards enhance any promotional program